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Well it has now been enar on 5 months since my gorgeous little baby was born :). I still remember it as if it were yesterday, the feleing of joy and excitement, being scared and worried for steph and the feleing i got when lily opened her eyes and looked at me, it is as if everything in the world aligned and for that brief period looking into these eyes which were open for the first time nothing could have gone wrong...nothing.

I still feel that way today when she smiles and giggles and yells coz she cant talk yet. And it is amazing to see the progress, from when she was a mini little blob to now being able to wriggle around and move herself, grab things, put everything she can get her hand son into her mouth...shes is just the epitome of life being great :)

House is still standing which is nice, mortgage sucks, i paid over 3k already but with interest i have only actually paid off about 1200 bucks :( only 309,000 to go!!!

Work beggun to get a bit tedious with way too much to do but after today I am mellow and calm anot not alot will bother me now.
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Does anyone update LJ anymore???

Well, Lily is now 3 months old and growing like a weed!! She is still the most gorgeous little being in the world next to her mother and I love them both no end :)

We are in our hosue and all settled down now which is fantatsic...being a home owner is great and not as expensive as i thought!!1

New job which is great...moneh is awesome town.

Hopefully going to sort a new tattoo out in the coming weeks...which will be even mroe awesome town.

So yeah in short...life is grand..love owning my own house, love being a family man now :D

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Thats right, after a long long 9 months...I am officially a daddy :). Lily Jayde Mann was born bang on 4pm on the 23rd of January 2009, weighing in at 7lbs 7oz and measuring 59cm head to toe. Mum and bub are doing great and dad is so so so excited. She sleeps brilliantly, eats great...makes funny faces and tries to chew my hands but yeah..bliss. EVERYONE...HAVE BABIES! it is the greatest thing in the world!!! ahhhhhhhhh so excited. Must catch up with alot of people and show her to eveyrone.

Well off to change another nappy...it is actually rather difficult with little legs flailing round and poo everywhere haha but all in good fun. ANyway.


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Mmm another update, I dont even think this gets read but still.

Getting ever closer to the bub being born now...only about 6 weeks away. Getting very excited indeed!!!

Our offer for our house was accepted on monday and now everything is with the bank just waiting on the approval then we can get into settlement and hopefully be in by the second week of january which would be nice...i cannot wait to have my own place. And heh home owner at 20 not baaaad. The house is no mansion but it is better then living in one room like we are atm. And wi gotit for a steal..asking price 319 jarryd pays 300k bowyay.

Got a promotion at work...now my position is even gayer then before: 'Client Technical Compliance Coordinator - Engineering' Yeah and it is as wankery as it sounds but eh extra 10k a year plus vehicle, plus mobile plus fuel card. fuck yeah bitches

Everything for our house has been bougt and paid for down to salt and pepper shakers :) also all of babys stuff is bought and sitting round. I also look forward ot going to Ikea to buy more things...god that place is awesome...so cheap and so awesome.

Anyway back to work, need to go and pickup new work ute.


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Well well well...ummm whats been going on?

Steph is now aboot 26 weeks pregnant :)Which is awesome, she has the cutest little belly in the world and for the frst time 2 weeks ago I got to feel her kick...oh wait did i not mention that....we found out we are having a little girl :) Which is kick ass...i dont know why but i think subconciously I wanted a girl :) We have decided that unless she comes out looking totally different she will be called Lily!! Lily Harlow Mann at this stage although the middle name is still up in the air...i jsut like the sound of Harlow! Wooo

Ummm the spare room at my parents is now filling up rapidly with washing machines, dryers, a fucking 1600 dollar fridge fuck yeah! A sofa will be joining it this weekend aswell as a buttload of Ikea stuff...man i love Ikea...i think i like putting the stuff together the most. So rewarding ha!

Car is still off the road with it 90% done...still in love with my new tyres....so great 2000 bucks worth of badass-ness!

Next Sunday the 12th of October is the first Annual COnvoy for Sids and Kids being run by the Western Patrol Club - Basically we have about 600 4x4s driving form joondalup to the motorplex in convoy to raise moneh for SIDS and kids. You need a 4wd to be involved and it costs 15 bucks to enter. Gonna be badass!

Well thats aboot it, best get back to work and earn more money so it can be spent on more household appliances i spose!

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Well it has been a while...
First off, the best news, scary as it may seem Jarryd is going to be a dad :)

Steph is about 11 weeks pregnant and if all goes according to plan I will have a son/daughter on the 20th of January. :D It is amazing, it wasnt planned or anything, so yer a new life is on the way, extremely scared but also very excited, and this has kicked me in the ass to get back to the homebuyers people about the hoose. So far its looking like we will be living in the new development on the cnr of Pinjar Rd and wanneroo Rd in a lovely little cottage block type dealio...3 x 2, 2 car garage fantastic :D

My family have gone ballistic with buying things, which in a way is great but also its a bit CALM THE FUCK DOWN PEOPLE we dont even know if its a girl or a boy yet!! wait for a couple of months then buy us stuff!

I have my eye on an awesome cot/changing table set oooooh its great :D:D hahah

My car is currently off the road being rebuilt due to things being bent and a little tired so thats off the road and has so far received new set of tyres, brake rotor and pads, rear trailing arms both upper and lower, new panhards. All thats left is the new set of drop radius arms and some body work ( cutting guards!) and it is back on the road, only thing now is i need to find me a 'family' car...so a nice generic commonwhore or something will do the trick.

Well thats about it for now!

Enterprise out.

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All is well...so far!

House is pushing along..getting further and further along...which is good!!

Car is going in to be lifted in a fortnight which is sexylicious...

4wding this saturday night...yay for nightruns in mundaring in the wet... long weekend coming up will be great...spend it fishing...camping...and 4wding...im really beginning to think that i want to go live in the country...where nobody can bother me and i have lots of room to play in...which is what i really want!

Work is uber busy atm..which is why i obviously have itme ot be doing this :P

But busy s good because busy means money and money means bonus for Jarryd :) which makes me even mor smileylicious... Yer its gotten to the point now im making up words...which end in 'licious'

"I suffer from a sexy affliction...Kif, what do we call it? "UUUUUH sexlexia sir"...Yes thats right!"

Yay for sexlexia!

Well anyway im going to head back to doing more work...not all bad..i got a free trip up north for it which i loved...

Anywhoo....peace out
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Well i hope everybody enjoyed their nw years eve celebrations!

I spent mine walking the streets of Northbridge Working..which in theory was going to be a sweet dealio...but when it turned out i had about a 15km radius to cover constantly...not fun...probably ended up walking clse to 40 odd km over the space of 13 hours...and in that time..my hatret for our indiginous bretherem grew to insermountable levels...god how i wanna get holocaust on them...fuckin families sitting in the treet chroming...others in alleyways just getting drunk and throwing bottles at people an abusing them...a young girl came up to me with her friend and explained how she had been sexually assaulted by a group of them...then you call the police over the radio..the cunts take half an hour to get there coz they were too busy moving a family of niggers away from a stage area...in the mean time this girl has given it legs away...i hope she is ok.

Im still picking glass out of my shin and shoulder after having bottles hurled at me...

My new years resolution of quitting smoking is coming along nicely..havent had one since midnight new years...and yes while i feel like im going to snap something in half im blaming it on other reasons apart from not smoking :D

So in all the 1400 bucks i earnt NYE means nothing to me and I will not be doing it again. Fuck you northbridge. Fuck you NYE and fuck you aboriginals...i hope that you all wipe yourselfs out with narcotics and such..it would do everyone such a big favour.
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Well a good christmas/boxcing day was had by myself...

I ended p scoring

-xbox 360
-8gb iPod touch
-assorted xbox games
-underwear!! (booyah!)
-3 books, including Batista Unleased fck yer!
- incredible amounts of liquor which is always appreciated
- this crazy little remotecontrol helicopter thing
- a totally awesome tie
And mostly some other shit but i consumed too much liquor in the last 2 days to remember or care to remember...

I hope everyone had a good day and spent it with family and friends...the heat though...goood lord...i know im definately buying ymself some form of airconditioning in the next fortnight...fuck this sleeping shit in 30 degree heat with no a/c....faaaaaaaark

But anyway...until then..i shall be glued to my xbox shooting asian nerdos via xbox live...peace.

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4wd + bodylift + grinder = sliced up arm!

But on the plus side...my car sits a whole hell of alot higher now :) what else are holidays for :D

Oh and christmas is over rated! bargh!

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