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Well a good christmas/boxcing day was had by myself...

I ended p scoring

-xbox 360
-8gb iPod touch
-assorted xbox games
-underwear!! (booyah!)
-3 books, including Batista Unleased fck yer!
- incredible amounts of liquor which is always appreciated
- this crazy little remotecontrol helicopter thing
- a totally awesome tie
And mostly some other shit but i consumed too much liquor in the last 2 days to remember or care to remember...

I hope everyone had a good day and spent it with family and friends...the heat though...goood lord...i know im definately buying ymself some form of airconditioning in the next fortnight...fuck this sleeping shit in 30 degree heat with no a/c....faaaaaaaark

But anyway...until then..i shall be glued to my xbox shooting asian nerdos via xbox live...peace.

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