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Happy New Year To All, And To All..Get Fucked..

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Well i hope everybody enjoyed their nw years eve celebrations!

I spent mine walking the streets of Northbridge Working..which in theory was going to be a sweet dealio...but when it turned out i had about a 15km radius to cover constantly...not fun...probably ended up walking clse to 40 odd km over the space of 13 hours...and in that time..my hatret for our indiginous bretherem grew to insermountable levels...god how i wanna get holocaust on them...fuckin families sitting in the treet chroming...others in alleyways just getting drunk and throwing bottles at people an abusing them...a young girl came up to me with her friend and explained how she had been sexually assaulted by a group of them...then you call the police over the radio..the cunts take half an hour to get there coz they were too busy moving a family of niggers away from a stage area...in the mean time this girl has given it legs away...i hope she is ok.

Im still picking glass out of my shin and shoulder after having bottles hurled at me...

My new years resolution of quitting smoking is coming along nicely..havent had one since midnight new years...and yes while i feel like im going to snap something in half im blaming it on other reasons apart from not smoking :D

So in all the 1400 bucks i earnt NYE means nothing to me and I will not be doing it again. Fuck you northbridge. Fuck you NYE and fuck you aboriginals...i hope that you all wipe yourselfs out with narcotics and such..it would do everyone such a big favour.
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