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All is well...so far!

House is pushing along..getting further and further along...which is good!!

Car is going in to be lifted in a fortnight which is sexylicious...

4wding this saturday night...yay for nightruns in mundaring in the wet... long weekend coming up will be great...spend it fishing...camping...and 4wding...im really beginning to think that i want to go live in the country...where nobody can bother me and i have lots of room to play in...which is what i really want!

Work is uber busy atm..which is why i obviously have itme ot be doing this :P

But busy s good because busy means money and money means bonus for Jarryd :) which makes me even mor smileylicious... Yer its gotten to the point now im making up words...which end in 'licious'

"I suffer from a sexy affliction...Kif, what do we call it? "UUUUUH sexlexia sir"...Yes thats right!"

Yay for sexlexia!

Well anyway im going to head back to doing more work...not all bad..i got a free trip up north for it which i loved...

Anywhoo....peace out
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