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Well well well...ummm whats been going on? Steph is now aboot 26…

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Well well well...ummm whats been going on?

Steph is now aboot 26 weeks pregnant :)Which is awesome, she has the cutest little belly in the world and for the frst time 2 weeks ago I got to feel her kick...oh wait did i not mention that....we found out we are having a little girl :) Which is kick ass...i dont know why but i think subconciously I wanted a girl :) We have decided that unless she comes out looking totally different she will be called Lily!! Lily Harlow Mann at this stage although the middle name is still up in the air...i jsut like the sound of Harlow! Wooo

Ummm the spare room at my parents is now filling up rapidly with washing machines, dryers, a fucking 1600 dollar fridge fuck yeah! A sofa will be joining it this weekend aswell as a buttload of Ikea stuff...man i love Ikea...i think i like putting the stuff together the most. So rewarding ha!

Car is still off the road with it 90% done...still in love with my new tyres....so great 2000 bucks worth of badass-ness!

Next Sunday the 12th of October is the first Annual COnvoy for Sids and Kids being run by the Western Patrol Club - Basically we have about 600 4x4s driving form joondalup to the motorplex in convoy to raise moneh for SIDS and kids. You need a 4wd to be involved and it costs 15 bucks to enter. Gonna be badass!

Well thats aboot it, best get back to work and earn more money so it can be spent on more household appliances i spose!

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On October 3rd, 2008 07:42 am (UTC), kelena_the_gr8 commented:

how exciting!
shotgun babysiting!

i'm really happy for you love :]
send steph hugs from me, and hug her belly for me too ;]
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On October 3rd, 2008 08:38 am (UTC), ashwoody replied:
Pfft, let me babysit. I would be such an awesome babysitter, like the babysitters club or something.
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