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Mmm another update, I dont even think this gets read but still.…

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Mmm another update, I dont even think this gets read but still.

Getting ever closer to the bub being born now...only about 6 weeks away. Getting very excited indeed!!!

Our offer for our house was accepted on monday and now everything is with the bank just waiting on the approval then we can get into settlement and hopefully be in by the second week of january which would be nice...i cannot wait to have my own place. And heh home owner at 20 not baaaad. The house is no mansion but it is better then living in one room like we are atm. And wi gotit for a steal..asking price 319 jarryd pays 300k bowyay.

Got a promotion at work...now my position is even gayer then before: 'Client Technical Compliance Coordinator - Engineering' Yeah and it is as wankery as it sounds but eh extra 10k a year plus vehicle, plus mobile plus fuel card. fuck yeah bitches

Everything for our house has been bougt and paid for down to salt and pepper shakers :) also all of babys stuff is bought and sitting round. I also look forward ot going to Ikea to buy more things...god that place is awesome...so cheap and so awesome.

Anyway back to work, need to go and pickup new work ute.


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