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man 5 months goes quickly...

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Well it has now been enar on 5 months since my gorgeous little baby was born :). I still remember it as if it were yesterday, the feleing of joy and excitement, being scared and worried for steph and the feleing i got when lily opened her eyes and looked at me, it is as if everything in the world aligned and for that brief period looking into these eyes which were open for the first time nothing could have gone wrong...nothing.

I still feel that way today when she smiles and giggles and yells coz she cant talk yet. And it is amazing to see the progress, from when she was a mini little blob to now being able to wriggle around and move herself, grab things, put everything she can get her hand son into her mouth...shes is just the epitome of life being great :)

House is still standing which is nice, mortgage sucks, i paid over 3k already but with interest i have only actually paid off about 1200 bucks :( only 309,000 to go!!!

Work beggun to get a bit tedious with way too much to do but after today I am mellow and calm anot not alot will bother me now.
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On June 18th, 2009 02:38 pm (UTC), ashwoody commented:
Congrats on 5 months already mr mann, i bet its a good feeling.
I know you would be a good doting dad aswell *cue heartwarming music*

Not unlike John or I....we would be terrible with a kid haha...Disaster!!

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On April 9th, 2011 02:45 am (UTC), dapicyma commented:
great post as usual!

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On April 14th, 2011 09:46 am (UTC), qiqogook commented:
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