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News galore!

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Well it has been a while...
First off, the best news, scary as it may seem Jarryd is going to be a dad :)

Steph is about 11 weeks pregnant and if all goes according to plan I will have a son/daughter on the 20th of January. :D It is amazing, it wasnt planned or anything, so yer a new life is on the way, extremely scared but also very excited, and this has kicked me in the ass to get back to the homebuyers people about the hoose. So far its looking like we will be living in the new development on the cnr of Pinjar Rd and wanneroo Rd in a lovely little cottage block type dealio...3 x 2, 2 car garage fantastic :D

My family have gone ballistic with buying things, which in a way is great but also its a bit CALM THE FUCK DOWN PEOPLE we dont even know if its a girl or a boy yet!! wait for a couple of months then buy us stuff!

I have my eye on an awesome cot/changing table set oooooh its great :D:D hahah

My car is currently off the road being rebuilt due to things being bent and a little tired so thats off the road and has so far received new set of tyres, brake rotor and pads, rear trailing arms both upper and lower, new panhards. All thats left is the new set of drop radius arms and some body work ( cutting guards!) and it is back on the road, only thing now is i need to find me a 'family' car...so a nice generic commonwhore or something will do the trick.

Well thats about it for now!

Enterprise out.

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On June 28th, 2008 07:46 am (UTC), ashwoody commented:
Congrats dude!!
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